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BlogAssist is a shareware product. You are welcome and encouraged to try it for a while before buying it, to make sure that it suits your needs. That's good for you, as it avoids spending money and hassles on software that doesn't do what you want, and good for us as it avoids expensive refunds and chargebacks (we give you all your money back, but we have to eat the fees).

BlogAssist has a 14-use day trial period. This means that you can use BlogAssist's full functionality on up to 14 days, and it only counts days that you actually have it running – if you stop using BlogAssist for a week, that doesn't count against your trial. You can see the number of days that have elapsed in this window. During the trial period, all BlogAssist features are available, just as if you had bought a license; you'll just see this window occasionally (no more than once a day), reminding you that you haven't purchased it yet. However, once the 14 days of usage have elapsed, some features will be disabled. Your data will still be visible, but you won't be able to add or change any entries, among other restrictions. So make sure you buy before the trial expires to avoid any inconvenience.

This page of the BlogAssist Assistant window offers a number of options. You can continue to evaluate BlogAssist at no cost. Or if you already have a license (e.g. you bought via the online Dejal Store), you can indicate so and continue to the license editor page

The window also includes buttons to access your web browser. The Website button goes to the main BlogAssist page, whereas the Buy Online button takes you to the online Dejal Store.

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