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Hvad er nyt i version 3.0?

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Projects and Jobs

Job Inspector shown in the project window drawer

Each project window now offers a job inspector which is shown in a drawer. It provides color labels, a description field, and it combines all information about all selected jobs and/or groups. Use it to get more detailed information without using a calculator.

Multiple jobs selectable

You can now select multiple jobs at the same time, e.g. if you want to move them into a new group at once. Selection is kept when you drag things.

Jobs can be moved between project windows

You can now finally drag jobs from one project window to another. This is feature many users asked for.

Done jobs can be faded in the Finder & Dock menus

In the Preferences pane, you can now define whether done jobs should be shown in the relevant menus or not.

Job timer can be stopped by sleep mode or inactivity

In the Preferences pane, you can now define whether the timer should automatically be stopped when the computer is going to sleep or when you are inactive on this computer for a defined time.

Print and Export

Print and export only selected jobs or groups

There is no need to print and export the whole project any longer. Simply select those jobs and/or groups you want to print or export, then open the Print or Export dialog. Check the option only selected jobs/groups and continue.

JobTimer exports CSV files

Besides the already supported formats, the new version now offers CSV file export, which can easily be imported in various spreadsheet applications. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values.

Export keyboard shortcut

The Export menu item can now be used by default using the keyboard shortcut [Cmd][E].

Text export supports all encodings which are known and supported by Mac OS X

When you export your project to Tab-separated text, you can choose between much more text encodings than before.

Export redesigned

The Tab-separated text export and RTF export have been enhanced, are much clearer now and offer a separate Description column.

Status box shows which job is started/stopped

When you use the Hot Key to start/stop a job, you will see the relevant job name now.

JobTimer now alerts using Growl

When you have installed the system information tool Growl, JobTimer even outputs information using Growl.

Undo much enhanced

Much more actions can be undone now. If you still miss something, let us know.

Prefs and Services

Preferences pane re-layouted

The Prefs have been re-arranged and give even better access to the JobTimer parameters. Outdated stuff has been removed.

Send Message dialog

In the Help menu, you can now send a direct message to the JobTimer developers, e.g. to report an issue, suggest a new feature or simply say Hello.

CrashReporter implemented

Even a stable application like JobTimer may crash sometimes. If you experienced a crash and restart JobTimer, please send the previous crash report to our developers.

JobTimer uses Sparkle for updates

The integrated update method has been changed in favor of the well-known Sparkle service.


Memory leak and other bugs fixed

A nasty memory leak has been closed and many tiny bugs have been fixed. The current version of JobTimer is more stable than ever.

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HjemHvad er nyt?Hvad er nyt?What was new i version 2.0?