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Finishing Marks

The settings in the Marks group define which marks are to be rendered, and, in the case of bleed and trim marks whether their placement is derived from the document settings or from the source pages. This last option is either useful for one-up layouts where the master pages have their bleed box and or trim box set and the imposed sheets are to follow along, or for larger impositions where the template settings specify the automatic creation of the bleed and or trim boxes on the imposed sheets. Finally, the Base Marks On Slot Bounds option is to draw the marks relative to the bounds of the slots rather than to the bounds of the pages within the slots (this is especially useful for documents with source pages of various sizes).

The Slot Sizing, Orientation, and the Marks settings override the equivalent document settings when selected. If they are not selected in the template, the cue will be taken from the document settings.

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