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Slot Layout


Slot fit defines how pages are handled within the slot’s bounds:

  1. No adjustment: pages are scaled to fit their slot.

  2. Proportionate: pages are scaled proportionately to to their slot.

  3. Snug: pages are scaled to fill the slot precisely.

  4. Width: pages are scaled proportionately to fit the width of the slot. They may be clipped if their height ends up taller than their slot.

  5. Height: pages are scaled proportionately to fit the height of the slot. They may be clipped if their width ends up wider than their slot.

  6. Fixed %: pages are scaled by the amount specified in the Horizontal and Vertical fields.

If the settings result in pages that do not fit their slot snugly, an the alignment setting will decide how the pages are aligned within the slot.

Border Framing

Specify if and how borders should be drawn around pages and/or slots.


In a folded (e.g. saddle stitched) booklet or signature the inner pages progressively extend (creep) further out than the outer pages. After trimming, the inner pages are narrower than the outer pages. If the pages were printed with static margins, then, after folding and trimming, the effective margins of the pages towards the center of the signature will progressively become narrower, and, if the signature is thick enough, the margins may even disappear, and some content may have been cut away during trimming.

Creep varies depending on the thickness of the paper and the number of pages in the signature. Creep is also known as thrust or push-out. Compensating for creep is also known as shingling.

Setting the amount of creep

To measure the sheets, use a number of stacked sheets whose thickness is easy to measure with a ruler or caliper.

  1. Enter the number of sheets in the measured stack of paper in the top field.

  2. Use the ruler (or caliper for better precision) to measure the thickness of the stack.

  3. Enter the thickness of the stack in the second field.

PDFClerk Pro will calculate the creep for each page according to the sheet thickness entered here, and apply them to the page creep indexes defined in the layout if the layout has more than two pages per sheet side. Two-up layouts don’t need creep indexes; they are calculated on the fly.

After entering the value, PDFClerk Pro remembers the thickness of a single sheet of paper, and that is the value you will see the next time you bring up the editor.

See also section 6.5.9 Folding Indexes on page 49 and the entry on creep in section 8.3.3 Imposition on page 58.

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