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Standard layouts

Front and back side page distribution matrices

The order of the page indexes determines which corresponding page is allotted to which slot on the imposed sheet, taking into account the sheet’s index in a signature. (See signatures on page 39.)

As a simple case example: in a two up layout of with a front side page sequence of 4, 1 and back side sequence of 2, 3, a four page document will be laid out with pages resp. 4 and 1 on the front sheet side, and resp. pages 2 and 3 on the back sheet side. An eight page document would have a signature comprising two sheets. In this case the first sheet would resp. be alloted pages 8 and 1 on the front side and pages 2 and 7 on the back. The second sheet would receive pages 6 and 3 on the front and pages 4 and 5 on the back. As you can guess, with larger documents and with larger imposition layouts the situation can quickly become rather complex.

Fortunately, PDFClerk Pro knows how to shuffle the pages around to achieve correct results. The only prerequisite is that an imposition layout is correctly defined. I.e. it should list the page indexes in the correct order. PDFClerk Pro’s factory provided imposition templates will produce correct results for many of the more standard layout requirements.

Default number of sheets per signature

This setting really only applies to two up layouts. If set to 0, PDFClerk Pro automatically calculates a signature that encompasses all pages in the document. If set to a higher number, PDFClerk Pro creates signatures of the specified size when layout out the imposition. While in imposition mode one can change the signature size in the toolbar, and PDFClerk Pro will recalculate the page distribution to match the new setting on the fly. This manual setting is not remembered when switching away from the active imposition.

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