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Step and Repeat layouts

Page distribution rule editor

Step and repeat layouts can impose the following two main rule types:

  1. Impose listed pages: only the pages listed in the input field are considered for distribution. They are distributed as a group either a specified number of times, or until they have filled a specified number of sheets depending on how the rule is set up.

    Pages are specified individually or as ranges. Ranges are specified by the first page in the range followed by a dash and the last page in the range. Pages and ranges are separated by commas. The input field will automatically turn the input into tokens.

    An entry of 1, 5-8

  2. Impose pages in groups of: Groups the pages in a document together into groups of the specified size, then distributes each group among the available slots, repeating each group the specified number of times before distributing the next group. E.g. in a four page document you set up a rule that imposes pages in group of 2 a total of three times. This will result in a layout that distributes pages 1 and 2 to together three times, and then distributes pages 3 and 4 together three times:

    Two groups, each repeated 3x

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