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Setting For All Documents

The settings under this tab apply at all times to all open PDFClerk Pro documents, inspectors and dialogs.

Graphics Quality

The quality with which to draw documents. Defaults to Best. Decreasing quality can slightly speed up drawing of complex documents.

Import PDF Using

By default when opening/importing PDF documents, PDFClerk Pro uses the title attribute of the PDF document, if present, as the source name of each page. If no title attribute exists than the name of the imported document’s file is used as the source name. To force the document’s file name to always be used as the page’s source name choose File Name from the popup menu.

Text Box Border

You can choose to have text boxes default to drawing a border.

Open PDFs After Export

Causes PDFClerk Pro to open PDFs after generating them (does not apply to exploded PDF generation).

Canvas Color

Sets the background color of the content view.

Thumbnail View Canvas Color

Sets the background color of the thumbnail view.

Default Slide Show Delay

Sets the time in seconds between slides when in slide show mode.

Greeking Threshold

Sets the point size below which text is greeked when rendered to screen. (Greeking displays solid grey rectangles for lines of text, instead of individual characters).

Unrotate Objects When Added

Specifies whether to automatically orient objects added to rotated pages such that they look the right side up to the user. E.g. on a page with a 90° rotation, an object would be rotated by -90° when added to the page.

Time Stamp Changes To Annotations

Automatically alters the modification date field of dynamic annotations.

Stamp Changes To Annotations With User Name

Sets the user name field of dynamic annotations to the name of the current user when annotations are modified.

Warn About Paper Size Mismatch When Printing

Allows a warning to appear at print time if the dimensions of the first page do not match the paper size.

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