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General Preferences

Open Untitled Document When PDFClerk Pro Starts

When set, will cause PDFClerk Pro to open a new and empty, untitled document every time it is started.

Check For Updates At Startup

Causes PDFClerk Pro to check for updates automatically each time when is started.

Preferred Units

The units to display in by default in fields that relate to metric values (size, position, etc). Regardless of the unit chosen here, each metric input field can at any time receive an optional unit abbreviation as input. Without unit abbreviation the input is interpreted according to the preferred units setting. PDFClerk Pro understands the following units:

Points abbreviated as pt, e.g. 595pt
Centimeters abbreviated as cm, e.g. 27.1cm
Millimeters abbreviated as mm, e.g. 271mm
Inches abbreviated as in, e.g. 8.5in
Picas abbreviated as p infixed in the value, e.g. 3p, or 3p6
Install PDF Service

Clicking this button installs PDFClerk Pro as a PDF service, so that it becomes available in the each print dialog’s PDF menu. Choosing PDFClerk Pro from the menu will then print documents straight into PDFClerk Pro, opening it if it is not running.

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