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The settings under the Security tab control whether exported PDF documents are encrypted and whether some actions are restricted.

To lock the produced PDF documents against opening without a password enter a User Password.

To disallow printing and/or copying text from the produced PDF documents enter an Owner Password.

Important: Note that although PDFClerk Pro can open encrypted documents, it can not save them as PDFClerk Pro documents, or export them as PDF documents. It can however print them, including printing to PDF. Pages of encrypted documents cannot be copied or duplicated, even if copying of PDF content is otherwise allowed. Note also that PDFClerk Pro cannot import encrypted documents into existing documents. If you want to join documents together, you will first have to open any encrypted documents in PDFClerk Pro, enter the user and or owner password, as required and then print the unlocked document to an unencrypted PDF, which can be imported by PDFClerk Pro.

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