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You can use the watermarks feature to place recurring patterns of objects on all or selected pages of a PDFClerk Pro document. It is powerful, flexible and straightforward to use, and useful for watermarks, headers, footers, or any other recurring pattern you can think of for placing an object onto multiple pages.

To add a file based watermark, drag a graphic or a text file to the preview area on the right hand side of the pane, or click the [+] button and select a file from the Open panel.

To add a watermark whose name is used for rendering, click the [+ Name] button.

The preview area shows how the object will look on the page specified in the Preview Page field, or, if the Preview Page specifies page 0, it shows the watermark object by itself. By default the watermark takes the name of the imported file, but you can change it to anything you find more useful. PDFClerk Pro always works on an internal copy of the original file, so renaming or deleting the watermark will not affect the original.

The first box below the Name field controls on which pages the object will be placed: All Pages, Even Pages, Odd Pages, First Page, Last Page, Pages in List. If you selected Pages in List, you need to enter the pages in the Page List field. If you selected all, even or odd pages, you may wish to exclude the first and/or last page.

The font button is available only for Name based watermarks and allows setting the font, size, color, underline and strikethrough style of the rendered text.

You can set rotation and opacity, overall placement and specify whether the object appears on front of the page, or behind the page. If you have multiple watermarks appearing on several pages, you can control the drawing order by putting objects in specific layers. The layers are independent for the on top and behind options.

In addition to the overall placement of objects, you can fine tune their position using the gutter options. If, for instance, you have chosen top-left placement, then you can easily fine tune the placement by adjusting the values for the top and left gutter.

There is flexible automatic control over the sizing of the objects, or manual control if appropriate. Objects can be tiled across the page, and when tiled, if a rotation is set, you can rotate the tiled objects as a whole, or each tiled object individually by toggling the state of the [Rotation] button (which appears only when tiling and rotating).

You can dynamically link a watermark to its on disk source so that, if the source is modified, the watermark will automatically be updated. You don’t need to be running PDFClerk Pro and have the dependent document open when modifying the source. Using the [Set Source] button you can also change the source of a watermark. This is convenient if you simply want to replace a watermark’s source rather than deleting it and creating a new one where you have to re-apply all properties.

Name based watermarks support the special variables $title, $author, $subject, $sourceName, $pageNumber and $totalPages, which are dynamically replaced by their respective values in the document, both when displayed in the page list, and when rendered on the pages.

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