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Work Modes

There are several actions you may want to perform on the displayed document. To make it easy to perform certain actions on a page without interference from other features, PDFClerk Pro has three different work modes, each suited to a particular kind of goal. You can switch work mode by choosing the appropriate command from the Work Mode menu under the Tools menu, or by double clicking an annotation, in which case PDFClerk Pro will automatically switch to the correct mode for that annotation.


In text mode you can select text on the PDF page. Note that this applies only to text that is part of the page stream. To put it differently, it applies only to text that is burned into the page (which is all text you see that is not part of an annotation, so usually all or most text). If you hold down the option key while dragging over text the selection will match the selected rectangle, rather than selecting text by line. This is convenient if you want to, say, select a single column of a multi-column page.

Note that PDFClerk Pro cannot delete text that is already part of the page stream. It can however overwrite it with opaque text boxes, thus visually changing the text on the page. (Within the digital document the original text, however, is not removed; not even when you export to PDF.)

Edit Dynamic Annotations

To edit dynamic annotations activate the Edit Dynamic Annotations mode. In this mode you cannot select text or static annotations.

Edit Static Annotations

To edit static annotations activate the Edit Static Annotations mode. In this mode you cannot select text or dynamic annotations.

Edit All Annotations

To edit all annotations (dynamic and static) activate the Edit All Annotations mode. In this mode you cannot select text. This mode is useful when you need to move annotations of mixed type en masse. Some type specific editing may be limited though.

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