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Shape Annotations

Shape annotations draw primitive shapes. They allow you to mark up the page with rectangles, ovals, lines, arrow and even free-form drawings.

Shape annotations come in dynamic and static variety, so you can choose the appropriate type depending on whether you want the annotation to remain editable after saving the document. There are a number of static annotation types that do not have a dynamic counterpart.

To add an annotation simply select the desired annotation type from the popup menu, then click or drag on the page to place the annotation. Simply clicking will place the annotation at a default size. If you click and drag, the annotation will be sized according to your drag. There are two annotations that work somewhat differently when they are created: Polyline and Sketch:


To create a polyline, select it from the popup menu and then click on the page to set the start point of the first line. As you subsequently move the cursor across the page you will see a line that follows your movements. Click when you want to set the end point of the first line, then continue to move and click to place subsequent line segments. (Each click sets an anchor point. Line segments are drawn between anchor points.) When you are done double click to place the last segment and end entering the polyline. If you enter a line segment by mistake, or want to go back to reshape during polyline creation, simply hit the escape key to remove the last anchor point you entered. Hit the escape key multiple times to remove several anchor points.


To create a freehand sketch, select the choice from the popup menu, then click and drag on the page to draw your sketch. The sketch is finished when you release the drag.

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