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Annotate Pages

This section describes how to annotate pages with objects like text boxes, highlights and underlines, lines, arrows and other shapes, form fields and links. You can also use text boxes to correct typos and make other small alterations to the text. (This is done by overlaying the text to be corrected with an opaque text box.)

Static annotations

Static annotations are objects that PDF Nomad 2 adds to the page stream when a PDF document is generated. These objects are not editable afterwards by most PDF editors, thus making them eminently suitable to permanently alter the visual contents of PDF pages (e.g. masking out text and graphics, or making minor corrections to written text, like correcting typos.)

Static annotations can be arbitrarily rotated by holding down the [Cmd] button while pointing at one of the four resize thumbs on the sides of the object and the clicking and dragging (the cursor will change to a rotate cursor when you hover over resize thumb while holding down the [Cmd] key). Alternatively, if you use a trackpad, you can rotate selected annotations by hovering above a selected annotation and performing a rotate gesture with two fingers on the trackpad.

Dynamic annotations

These are the standard annotations as defined by the PDF format. They remain editable by PDF editors after the PDF has been created. They are especially useful for exchanging markup and comments on shared documents.

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