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OCR Options

The OCR Options popover is where you decide what parts of the document's pages to recognize, and what to do with the results of the OCR.

You can:

Make pages searchable

the recognized text will be added in a layer behind the original pages, so that the appearnace of the page remains intact, but text can be searched, selected and copied. You can choose one of three settings for the resolution of the final page. The low resolution option creates the searchable pages with nominal screen resolution (72 dpi). The medium resolution option results in pages with double the nominal screen resolution (144dpi), and the high resolution option creates pages with triple nominal screen resolution (288dpi). The higher the resolution, the larger the final file size.

Replace original with recognized text

The original pages are replaced with pages containing the freshly drawn recognized text. This results in a significantly decreased fiel size, but the appearance of the text will be altered.

Export recognized text to RTF document

the pages of the document will not be touched. Instead, at the end of the OCR process, you can save the recognized text to an RTF document, that you can then import into a text editor or word processor.

You can ask PDF Nomad 2 to OCR all pages in the document; only the pages selected in the page list, or only the current page in the main document's preview canvas.

Areas to recognize

here you have the option to apply the OCR only to specific regions of the pages. By default, the whole page (Media box) is OCRd. You can select one or more of the secondary display boxes to limit the OCR to the areas they encompass. If you set the boxes before OCRing, you can limit the OCR to very specific areas of the page.

Allow corrections before finalizing

If this option is not checked, the OCR enginge will go straight from the recognition phase to finalizing the pages. This may be useful if the orignal is of high quality and you are confident the results will be satisfactory. With this option unchecked, you will be offered a preview of the OCR results, with the ability of changing mistakes, before finalizing the pages.

Click the [OK] button to start the OCR process.

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