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Add and Edit Watermarks

PDF Nomad 2 offers a very powerful watermark feature. You can stamp document pages with multiple watermarks based on text, graphics files and external PDF pages. The watermarks can be layered, rotated, scaled and tiled, and made partially (or completely, for that matter) transparent. This flexibility makes the feature useful for more than traditional watermark. You can, for example, also use the feature to easily mask out elements that occur on all or multiple pages.

To add a short text based watermark click the [+ Name] button and name the watermark to the text you want to appear on the pages. (See screenshot above.) Click the [Font] button to alter the font and font size.

To add a graphic or a longer text file or a PDF page as a watermark click the [+] button. In the open dialog select the file you want to import as a watermark. If you select a PDF document only the first page of the document will be imported. You can select most common types of graphics files, as well as plain text and RTF files. You can also drag files from the finder directly to the preview area to import them.

By default watermarks are placed on all pages, but you can use the placement options to exclude certain classes of pages (even, odd, first, last), or even have them only appear on pages that you specify in a Page List.

Watermarks can be aligned centered on the page, or to any of the corners or sides. In addition, if the alignment options do not offer enough control you can drag the active watermark (the one shown at the top of the dialog) into place by dragging it in the preview area.

Watermarks can be stamped on top of pages or behind page content. Use the [Layer] popup button to select this. If you have multiple watermarks you can layer them in up to 8 layers so you have control over which marks are on top of others.

The margin settings allow you to ensure a watermark does not print outside certain bounds. This is useful if you have a watermark that extends beyond the content of the page, but it is not appropriate to reduce its size.

Watermarks can be made to fit the document pages in one of several ways. Use the options under the Size box to make these adjustments. You can also choose to tile the watermark across the page, and even rotate the tiled watermark.

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Last updated on June 30, 2015

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