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Overlay a text box to replace some text.

When you select text, in many instances, PDF Nomad 2 can overlay a text box pre-filled with the selected text in the correct font and size. This feature works best on single lines, and partial lines, to correct typos and other small errors.

PDF Nomad 2 will use the selected text to create a new text box; activate Annotate mode, and place the text box as well as it can along the bounds of the selection. It will activate the text box and pre-select its contents so that can immediately start typing.

If you need to adjust the placement of the text box first, deselect it by clicking outside of it one the page. Then drag or nudge it into position. Double click the text box to edit the text.

Once you are satisfied with your corrections and text box placement, you can make the box opaque by selecting it, clicking the color menu on the annotation toolbar and specifying a white fill color.

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Last updated on June 30, 2015

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