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The last actions will be undone. Use this function e.g. when a drag'n'drop action was not successful.


Use this function if you want to restore the last undone action.

New Group

When you create a new group, it is named New Group by default. This new group will automatically be selected. If another group is selected while you create a new group, this group will automatically become a subgroup of the previously selected one.


If you want to cut an object from the current position in AllMyPDFs to the system clipboard, use this menu item.


If you want to copy an object to the system clipboard from the current position in AllMyPDFs, use this menu item.


If you want to paste an object from the system clipboard to the current position in AllMyPDFs, use this menu item.


Use this menu entry to delete text that you have entered into a descriptive field in the Info inspector before. It corresponds with the [Delete] key, but does not delete or remove PDFs and groups from your database.

Select All

Select this menu item if you want to select all selectable objects in AllMyPDFs.

With AllMyPDFs the whole content of the current note will be selected.

Spelling and Grammar

Use this menu entry to check spelling and grammar of text which are editable with this application.

Substitutions *

This submenu offers options to replace certain text elements with their tyopgraphical correct counterparts when typing text.

Transformations *

If you want to transform selected portions of text with a single mouse click, use this menu item. It offers options make text upper case, lower case or to capitalize text.

Speech *

Manages the speech output.

Special Characters

Choose this menu item if you want to enter special characters into a text frame or text field. Then the system dialog Character Palette of Mac OS X opens, where you can choose a font and perhaps a coding. Then you can select a special character and insert it into your text.

AllMyPDFs supports the complete Unicode character range. Whether you can use a certain special character or not depends on the font you have chosen. If the character is not available in the font, you may have to choose another font.

This function is supplied by Mac OS X. Please find a detailed description of this system dialog and/or function in Finder's Mac Help.

* This function is supplied by Mac OS X.

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