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PDF Display

Here you can select how the PDF pages will be displayed. Select the desired view from the pop-up menu.

Actual Size

This menu item shows the currently selected PDF in its actual size.

Zoom to Fit

When you chose this menu entry, the pages will be zoomed to fit best into the current content view size of the AllMyPDFs document window.

Zoom In

Use this menu item to enlarge the currently shown PDF content in the content view.

Zoom Out

Use this menu item to shrink the currently shown PDF content in the content view.


This menu item offers a context-sensitive pop-up menu which offers one or all available inspectors for a view.

The inspectors currently available are: the Info inspector, the Outline inspector, and the Search inspector. They are described in details in the chapter AllMyPDFs Document Window.

Hide/Show Toolbar

Each AllMyPDFs document window shows a Toolbar under its title bar by default.

Toolbar - Please click to enlarge

This menu item toggles the toolbar visibility. If the toolbar is not visible, this menu item is titled Show Toolbar. The default is Hide Toolbar.

Customize Toolbar

You can customize the toolbar of the AllMyPDFs document windows to your needs by choosing this menu item. In the dialog which then opens, you can drag items to new positions, delete them (by simply dragging them off the dialog area), or choose the default set.

Customize Toolbar - Please click to enlarge

Furthermore, you can choose to show only icons, or text, or both, and select which size they should have.

Click on the [Done] button in order for AllMyPDFs to save your changes.

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