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External Fonts

With Charmas you can not only view system fonts, but even find and view external fonts as well as printing a font catalog of them. But what are system fonts and external fonts?

System Fonts

Like each other operating system, also Apple's Mac OS X needs fonts for displaying texts on screen. Also the most applications require fonts e.g. if you want to write a text or typeset a book.

In order to let Mac OS X know any fonts directly after booting and let you use these fonts in all programs automatically, these fonts have to be placed in distinct locations on the hard drive from which Mac OS X boots.

The font directories which are scanned on booting are


~ stands for the user directory of the currently signed up user.

External Fonts

Beside the already described system fonts, you can of course collect and organize fonts in any other directories, e.g. if you don't want to use them all the time. With Charmas you can also find and view these fonts and create font catalogues with them.

Click on the button at the upper right corner of the FontFinder or the FontBook to open the font source panel. Here you can define further font sources in addition to the system fonts.

Click on the Plus button and choose a font folder afterwards. As soon as you activate additional font sources, the selected folder and its sub folders are scanned for fonts.

With the Minus button you can remove selected font sources again.

Once you have defined additional font sources in FontFinder, they are also available in FontBook (and vice versa):

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