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You are looking for a special font face but don't know much about it but the shape of some characters only? No problem thanks to Charmas.

Chose the menu entry Open FontFinder in the File menu. Charmas opens its FontFinder window immediately, showing the following information in three parts of the window area:

  1. The upper left quarter shows the list of fonts which are installed on your computer. Click on a font name with your mouse cursor in order to get the information in the other window areas updated. You can scroll through the whole list using the keys [arrow up/down].

  2. The upper right quarter shows the font styles which are available for the current font face (e.g. Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic). When you click on a font style, the information in the other window areas will be updated automatically. You can scroll through the whole list using the keys [arrow up/down], too.

  3. The lower half of the FontFinder window shows a font sample text. You can easily change the text at any time (see Settings).

Change the proportions of the upper window areas to the lower area by clicking the horizontal bar in the window with your mouse. Drag it up or down. At the right bottom of the window you find two PopUp buttons. Use the left one to change the font size for the font sample text. In the right PopUp, you can change the general view size from 100–300%.


When you click the tiny Info button, a non-modal font info panel opens and shows all available information about the currently selected font.


A click on the symbol in the upper right opens the panel Font Sources which is described in the chapter [External Fonts].

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