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Create your own font catalog – without expertise.

Chose the menu entry Open FontBook in the File menu. You will immediately see a window which represents the font catalog of Charmas. This font catalog can be used and edited very easily.

Select font face(s)

In the upper left corner of the FontBook window you see a PopUp button and two arrows. Click on the arrows in order to see the next or previous font in the FontBook. When clicking on the PopUp button which shows the current font's name, a PopUp menu opens which shows the list of all fonts installed on your computer. Click on a font name if you want to see it in the FontBook.

Change view

In the upper right corner of the FontBook window you find another PopUp button. Click it with your mouse in order to see the differend FontBook views which are offered by Charmas at the moment. When you click on one of these menu entries, the FontBook view changes immediately (e.g. from Overview – 1 font to Fontsizes – 2 fonts).

View size

At the right bottom of the window you see a PopUp which can be used to change the view size from 25–3'200%.

Output page into file

You may want to output the current catalog page into a PDF or TIFF file. Chose the menu entry Save as PDF file resp. Save as TIFF file from the File menu. Now you have to define a target folder and a meaningful name for the file.

If you want to export a page into an image file, you can select the image type as well as the image resolution.


A click on the symbol in the upper right opens the panel Font Sources which is described in the chapter [External Fonts].

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