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Menu Commands

Charmas offers its functions via a normal program menu like usual for Apple programs. Beside the functions actively supported by the program which are described below, you will also find standard functions which are offered in all Apple programs, e.g. for hiding the program etc.

Charmas menu

Here you can open the info dialog for Charmas, change the program settings, purchase and register Charmas and of course quit the program.

File menu

Among other things, you will find the main functions FontFinder and FontBook here. When the FontBook window is opened, you can choose even Export functions from this menu, to save the current FontBook view into a PDF or image file using one of the offered image formats.

Edit menu

The Edit menu offers the usual standard functions.

Window menu

The Window menu also offers usual standard functions.

Help menu

Charmas Help

This standard menu item calls the Help Viewer in order to show the Charmas Help which you are reading right now.

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