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Dynamic Annotations

Dynamic annotations remain editable by capable PDF editing software after generating the PDF document.

To edit dynamic annotations activate the Edit Dynamic Annotations work mode [command-2]. When the mode is active all dynamic annotations are marked with a magenta rectangle along their border. Selected annotations will also show manipulation handles, which can be used for resizing the annotations directly on the page. Different annotation properties can be edited on different inspectors, and options are enabled or disabled according to the type of the selected annotation. Properties that are unique to dynamic annotations are available under the Dynamic Annotations Inspector. Other properties are available under the Metrics and Appearance Inspectors.

When a dynamic annotation is created the work mode is automatically set to dynamic annotation editing.

All dynamic annotations have a modification date and an optional user name that can show either the creator of the annotation, or the last user that modified the annotation.

The visual aspect of an annotation can optionally be set to not to print, and/or not to be displayed on-screen.

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