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Markup Annotations

Used for drawing attention to lengths of text. There are three types of markup annotations:

Highlight highlights (parts of) lines of text. Defaults to yellow.
Strike Through draws a line through the middle along the length of (parts of) lines of text. Defaults to blue.
Underline underlines (parts of) lines of text. Defaults to red.

To markup the length of selected text with a markup annotation select the text and then issue one of the markup commands (Text work mode) or issue one of the markup commands first and then draw the selection area (Edit Dynamic Annotations work mode).

To markup blocks of text, rather than whole lines, first issue the markup command and then drag a selection on the page. When you release the drag any part of lines of text that fall under the selection are marked up.

If the selection rectangle does not cover any textual content a markup will be created the exact size of the selection rectangle.

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