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PDFClerk Pro can export its page content to disk in a number of different ways for varying purposes:


when you save a PDFClerk Pro document the default format for saving is the native PDFClerk Pro document format. Note that this is not equivalent to a PDF document, and these documents can only be opened by PDFClerk Pro. By saving PDFClerk Pro documents in their native format you can resume your editing in a later session, without losing any functionality that would be lost if the document were saved as a PDF document and then subsequently imported back into a new PDFClerk Pro document.

The save dialog box provides the option to change the save format to PDF, to create a PDF document from the PDFClerk Pro document’s contents. This latter option is equivalent to choosing Single File from the Export menu.


Single File

This is the same as saving to a PDF file (see bullet point above). It creates a PDF document from the PDFClerk Pro document’s contents.


This will create an individual PDF document for each page in the PDFClerk Pro document, or individual documents a user defined number of pages. The documents are automatically titled with the Save As text, appended by the range of pages contained in each document. Alternatively you can choose to have the source name of the first page in each range be used as the template file name. The last created PDF document will contain fewer pages than the range requests, if the number of pages in the PDFClerk Pro document is not a multiple of the requested range.

Split Into Even/Odd Pages

Splits the document into two PDF documents: one with all pages with an odd index, and one with all pages with an even index.

Split Into Bitmap Files

Splits the document’s pages into bitmapped graphics files. One file per page. Pages can be exported to TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or JPEG2000, optionally with a transparent background (instead of the page color, which is usually white), at the specified pixel resolution, which defaults to 72.


Exports the textual contents of the PDFClerk Pro documents as an RTF document. Note that only the PDF content will be exported. Annotations of any kind will not be included.


Exports selected text (or whole document if no text is selected) to an AIFF audio file.

Form Data To CSV

Exports form field data to a comma separated values file.

Export Selection

Where the options listed above operate on the complete set of pages contained in the PDFClerk Pro document, this option will export only the pages that are selected in the page list at the time the export selection command is issued. This offers a convenient way to export a subset of pages from the entire document, as a single PDF document.

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